The drag and drop interface samples

Serializing ASCII Data
Modeless child dialog
Modeless sibling dialog
The drag source
The MFC drop target
The TBTextTarget class
VC6 flat toolbar support

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This is a series of articles that has yielded from experimenting with adding some Drag and Drop features to my already-existing application. Due to the complexity of the task I split the article in several small documents that may easily fit to various of CodeProject’s sections.


The idea was simple: I have an SDI application with a CFormView containing a howerver-you-like filled out CListCtrl in report view.

The first tricky thing was to use the doc/view architecture with a document file format containing ascii-strings. Read about that quck'n'clean approach.

Next I needed to batch-manipulate the data displayed in this control. "So why not use a kind of drag & drop interface with a modeless dialog box and let the user drag the rows he needs into that dialog..." I thought - and thats how this articles start.

You may download all sample MSVC (6.0) projects at once or for you can fetch the code for each of these steps:

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments and improvements.

Best regards
    Thomas Blenkers